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Revolutionizing Hemophilia.

HemoSavin Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical stage company focused on commercializing The First Oral Small Molecule Treatment for Hemophilia A.

70% Blood Loss Reduction in HA Mice by oral administration at 6mg/mouse

Significant Improvement in Clotting Parameters for Hemophilia A (HA), Mouse Dog, Human plasma and ex-vivo Human Blood Studies

Reduction in Blood Loss1
Reduction in Clotting Time (aPTT) in Humans2
Reduction in Clotting Time (aPTT) in Dogs3
Decrease in Whole Blood Coagulation Time4

1. Tail-clip studies done in oral in-vivo Hemophilia A mouse model 2. In-vivo Hemophilia A human plasma 3. In-vivo Hemophilia A canine plasma 4. Patient side ex-vivo human Hemophilia A blood

Hemophilia A is a $10B/yr Problem Globally (US$59M UAE)

Current solutions are far from perfect and better therapies are needed

$4B/yr in the US and $4B/yr in Japan
Caused by deficiency of Factor VIII, a critical clotting protein
Patients bleed more than normal from injuries or spontaneously in severe cases
Cause of early death! Can reduce life expectancy by 6-10 years
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Meet our team

The core and advisory team has expertise across the entire development roadmap

News & Events

  • HemoSavin Pharma's research poster has been accepted for presentation at the Bleeding Disorders Conference in Atlanta, taking place this September.

  • HemoSavin Pharma anncounced the first oral small molecule therapy for Hemophilia at ISTH 2024.

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