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Creating the first non-immunogenic, non-contraindicative oral and affordable therapy for Hemophilia A

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Hemophilia A and HemoSavin Pharma

The First Oral, Non-Immunogenic Therapy Aimed at a Large Market

  • Hemophilia A is a $10+B/yr Critical Need without a Good Solution.
    • Caused by deficiency of protein critical to clotting- Factor VIII
    • Patients can bleed spontaneously- Early Death!! The life expectancy is reduced by 6-10 years
    • US Market Size $4B
  • HemoSavin Pharma’s HemoSavin, is The First Oral Therapy
    • ORAL Non-Protein, small molecule, costs ~10x less
    • Re-balances the body’s natural blood clotting mechanisms
    • Non loss of efficacy over time or side effects
    • Mechanism of action is already shown to be safe
    • Not refrigerated- Long Shelf Life ( 2yrs vs. 6 mo. Refrigerated current)
  • HemoSavin Can Overcome Deficiencies in Existing and Emerging Treatments
    • HemoSavin has distinct advantages over each type of competitor product

Our Team

The Core and Advisory Team Has Expertise Across the Entire Development Roadmap.

Inventor of HemoSavin. Author of 287 global 61 US patents. 21+ years of experience in high-technology business and intellectual property

Dr. Mak Gore


Operations experience in biologics manufacturing. Implementation experience in marketing. Project Management and Entrepreneurship at Innosphere.

Ashay Gore

Scientific Officer

Chair Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology. Medical Director of the Pediatric Hemophilia and Coagulation Disorders Program and the Special Coagulation Laboratory

Dr. Steven Pipe

Research Advisor PI

20+ years of experience in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Completed studies of the drugs INCIVEK™ and KALYDECO™

Dr. Suresh Yeola

Preclinical VP DMPK

25+ years of biotech executive and consultancy experience. Successfully filed 36 FDA IND, Orphan Drug, and NDA applications

Dr. Sarath Kanekal

FDA Advisor VP REG.

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